What’s your Business Strategy?

How often do you review your business plan?

I have been busy lately making some updates to my business plan … something every business owner should have and check and reread at least annually. It will help you layout some of your  business  goals … and we all need a few goals so we are working toward something.

settign goals in businessSeveral years ago, I was at a workshop presented by Tyler Hayden, a fantastic speaker! His goal was to help us set our  Strategic Business Goals by taking apart our mission statement, objectives, long term goals and putting them into more of an action plan with all the steps required to achieve those goals.

Through his energetic and funny stories, Tyler helped us rip apart our goals and turn them into a plan to get our businesses (and in some cases personal lives) moving along with purpose. We broke them down into manageable steps to get there and that became our strategy, our plan to achieve those goals.

Once done, your strategy is something you need to keep referring to as, it is a lifelong plan… many things may pop up and change your original objectives, which means your overall plan will also need tweaking.

So, have you looked at your objectives and goals lately? 

Your business plan may have them.  Are you even following a plan, or just moving along hoping all will fall in place as it should?  If not maybe take some time to write a plan and get your missions, goals and objectives on paper.  Get started.

Thinking you have no time to do this? 

Make it. We all need to make time every week to work on our business, it is a key trait in successful people. Are you spending your time on the strategic areas of your business, or are you so busy with the day to day tasks that you have no time for strategy? How can you be achieving your goals if you have no time to even review them? I can almost guarantee once you start a habit like this you will see even more success.

You can always check into hiring a Virtual Assistant to help with your tasks – get a few more hours each day or even each week – you’ll  be amazed how much your efficiency will increase by outsourcing the little things – stress levels tend to go down as well!

So what category do you fall into?

A, I don’t have a plan.

B. I have one I wrote years ago.

C. I have and review mine regularly.


Post me a note below and we can see just how many planners are out there and how many need a little kick to get going!

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