Are you a Successful Small Business Owner?

Do you find you no longer have time to do it all?

Are there tasks in your business you keep ignoring?

Is your to-do list stressful to look at?

Are you frustrated with your business because of all this?

This is GREAT! It means your Business is Growing! 

BUT… it’s not so great if you don’t take care of those piles of tasks it can cost you clients and sales … business will drop off.

Your solution is a call or email away …

Hire a Virtual Assistant, or better yet, a team of VAs! 

How can a Virtual Assistant help?

Virtual Assistants help entrepreneurs and small business owners by working on those much needed, but hard to complete, tasks that are not the speciality area of the business owner. Those items on the to-do list that tend to  pile up or cause frustration.  You have your strengths in business, Virtual Assistants have theirs. Let us help in the areas where you struggle and that cost you time, valuable time that could have been better spent generating revenue – your talents and skills.

Take a look at your daily to-do list? Are you spending time doing any of the following…

  • trying to figure out how to get your business on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social networks
  • setting up a website or blog to get your business on the internet
  • trying to publish a blog post with images and links
  • trying to make a template for your e-newsletter
  • figuring out how to setup your auto-responders and emails to work properly
  • create a power point presentation for an event
  • learn all the steps to setup online payment and registration for your event
  • prepare all the information needed for your virtual event
  • stay on top of  your emails and appointments
  • staying in touch with prospective clients/suppliers
  • managing your client database

If you struggle with these types of routine business support needs, then you may be wasting too much time, which is costing you sales.

The team at Time on Task Virtual Assistant Services has the skills needed to help you get the work done and done efficiently so that you have time to spend on the other work in your business – the work that generates your revenue.  That work is what makes your income – let us help with your support tasks.

Time on Task is a Multi VA business, which means the owner (Kathy) has a team of virtual assistants working for her and her clients. Each Virtual Associate specializes in a different area. At Time on Task VA, we provide online support services for businesses in a variety of areas, specializing in Social Media, Websites and Online Marketing.

With a team behind you, you benefit by having one main support person leading your work / projects and a team of people performing the tasks. If you need email marketing help and website support and social media services – we assign you a VA for each area. It is like working with a small staff who are in charge of different departments in your business – except we all work virtually, and with none of the normal employee – related costs.

You will become more productive, and less stressed with a Virtual Assistant

Partner with Time on Task and watch your productivity soar!

Contact us today for a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation to learn how you can save time, money, and grow your business.

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